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Getting a pet passport in Ilminster is easy!

At Minster Veterinary Surgery, we provide your pet with the required vaccination before you travel. We provide the following and more:

  • Microchip before rabies vaccination

  • Rabies vaccination

  • 21 days between rabies vaccination and date of travel

  • Tapeworm treatment

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Bring your puppy and be a part of our growing community on selected Fridays from 5:30PM to 7:00PM.

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Have your pet's blood glucose level checked at regular intervals, especially if your loved one is diabetic.


Get your pet to spend the day at our Ilminster branch as it is required to collect samples for blood glucose concentration frequently.


You can provide us with all the details about your pet's eating habits and lifestyle. You are also required to let us know about the dosage of insulin that is given to your pet. Accordingly we can make the necessary arrangements and put your pet at utmost comfort.


Admit appointments start at 8AM and can be taken from our nurses.


Only a small drop of blood is taken each time for the tests. This is collected from a vein in your pet's leg. A small patch of fur is clipped from one or both front legs.


Once sufficient readings are taken, you'll be informed to collect your pet. Our in-house lab will provide the results and you can further discuss the readings with our vets.


Contact us today in Ilminster and learn more about our pet services.

Regular check-up for your pet's blood glucose levels